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    Including SPRAYcast which determines optimal times and conditions to spray
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    Including disease and pest management tools for a variety of crops

Data Driven Decision Agriculture

Weather INnovations (WIN) started in 2000 at the University of Guelph, Ridgetown Campus as Ontario Weather Network or OWN. OWN was quickly renamed to Weather INnovations as it grew into a global company as WIN currently operates weather and environmental sensory equipment at over 1500+ locations throughout Canada, the U.S. and Europe.

WIN specializes in providing turnkey weather-based monitoring and modeling solutions for agribusinesses, producer organizations, government agencies, and researchers. WIN makes models and data easy to use by incorporating innovative research with site-specific applications and then delivering outputs through interactive web interfaces.

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Products and Services

Weather INnovations tools are designed to assist growers in making more informed decisions. WIN distributes and deploys weather stations and sensor technology to collect high quality data for our decision support tools. We capture weather data with the capabilities of rendering various graphical representation for accumulated rainfalls, deviations from previous years, crop heat units, soil temperatures and much more.


DecisionFarm delivers the latest in weather-based online agronomic advisories for many field and specialty crops. Growers can log-on to DecisionFarm.ca by creating a free profile. You can then identify and save field locations to view weather forecasts, agronomic models and interactive CHU and GDD reports for your exact locations. From planting to harvest, DecisionFarm has the weather and agronomic information you need to make more informed on-farm decisions throughout the season. Sign up for free and access your current field-level weather information on DecisionFarm.ca.

Models available on DecisionFarm

  • SPRAYcast - identifies times during the day that are more or less favourable for spraying based on weather conditions
  • BINcast - a weather-based advisory for improving grain conditioning in aeration grain storage systems
  • DONcast - helps predict deoxynivalenol toxin (DON) accumulation levels for better efficiency in spray decisions
  • WHEATcast - scouting advisory in wheat fields for the presence and severity of septoria tritici leaf spot and powdery mildew foliar diseases
  • TOMcast - disease-warning model for a timed fungicide spraying program for Early Blight, Septoria Leaf Spot and Anthracnose on processing tomatoes
  • Growth Stages - Identifies which growth stage each of your crops are in to make more timely scout and spraying decisions
  • Crop Water Stress - tool for monitoring potential water stress and for irrigation scheduling for your crops
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Equipments & Technologies

Weather INnovations employs and distributes various brands and types of high-quality monitoring equipment in each of our monitoring networks to match the needs and requirements of the project to the most appropriate technology, equipment or sensors.

WIN's technology solutions include automated telemetry equipment, individual sensors for existing networks as well as full service installations and programs.

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Weather INnovations has been fortunate to work on various projects over the years that include but are not limited to crop insurance programs, disease monitoring, research and crop monitoring. Some of these key ongoing projects listed below demonstrate WIN's capabilities of managing large weather networks and delivering accurate and timely site-specific data to our clients.

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